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How to order

There are multiple ways to pay for your order - #1 online (credit card or Paypal) or #2 offline (eTransfer, money order, cashiers cheque, company cheque, personal cheque).

#1 Ordering Online

You may checkout without having to log into Paypal. Payments on the website can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

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Once you've completed your order you can submit it through our 100% secured shopping function, created to ensure your peace of mind. Ordering with a credit card gives an extra layer or security that debit or cash can never give.

The security offered though our website and our secure payment transaction system includes the following security features: Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC, CVV2) checks, and transaction screening.

#2 Ordering Offline

On the website you can pay by either Credit Card or Paypal. Off the website you may pay by e-Transfer through your bank/credit union (more information below). You may also pay by Money Order from Canada Post or other institution, Cashiers ChequeCompany Cheque and Personal Cheque (please email for instructions).

e-Transfer is a newer service offered by most large banks and credit unions with over 250 participating financial institutions (read more). How to send an e-Transfer:

  1. Send using online banking or calling your financial institution.
  2. Provide the total amount for your order in Canadian Dollars after GST is added.
  3. Provide this email:
  4. Set a password for the e-Transfer.
  5. Please forward the password to us by email or phone.

Sales Tax

A sales tax of 5% (GST) is added to all sales made within Canada. There is no sales tax for United States or International orders.


All prices are in CAD / Canadian Dollars
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